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Who we are

Donomis Cruise Services is a partnership founded in 2000 between Ioanna Doganis and Michael Nomicos that have been serving the shipping and travel industry for almost half a century. Specialized in shipping, chartering and purchasing, Donomis Cruise Services is proud to represent the cruise industry at its best; in fact, our long-term commitment has assisted us in earning one of the most respected names in Greece and abroad.

We take exceptional pride in projecting our genuine interest in satisfying both individual and collective clientele needs. It is a fact that we do not take the word “service” for granted, and make sure that we try to focus on finding answers to issues or problems any agent or client should be concerned with, or better yet, has never thought of.

The Donomis group of companies is focusing on the global evolution of the cruise industry and has created an efficient structure providing high quality services. Due to this foresight the group has been honored with numerous industry awards.